Building Work Environment Co-ordinator, BAS-P, continuation

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The aim of the training is to strengthen the knowledge required to act as a construction work environment coordinator in the planning phase, BAS-P. The training should be seen as a functional training that needs to be supplemented with basic work environment knowledge, eg. Start course work environment, BAM.

In the course we review how work environment issues are dealt with during the design phase (BAS P) and which work environment risks need to be considered during the construction process.

The training ends with a knowledge examination approved of by RBK. The training gives, after an approved written examination, documented knowledge for the construction work environment coordinator BAS-U / BAS-P according to the requirements of AFS 1999: 3 and the Work Environment Act Chapter 3.

Utbildningens mål

  • Knowledge about how work environment issues should be handled during the design and planning phase (BAS-P)
  •  Knowledge about how regulations and practical management control your role
  •  Documented training that meets the work environment requirements for the function BAS P
  •  Registration of your competence in the ID06 competence database


The course is for you who have the role of construction work environment coordinator in the design phase (BAS-P)

Utbildningens innehåll

  • Repeat the basics of the BAS P and BAS U functional training course
  • Regulations
    • The Work Environment Act
    • Construction and Civil Engineering Regulations 1999: 3 – theory and practical handling
  • Client / Contractor responsibilities and duties
  • BAS-P
    • Design
    • Coordination
    • Control
    • Work enviroment plan
    • Special risks
  • Work environment aspects in the user phase
    • Operation
    • Maintenance
  • Working environment risks during the construction process
  • Documentation of construction and construction products


We recommend that you have attended the Start Course Work Environment (BAM) or have correspondingly good knowledge of the regulations in the work environment. It is appropriate that you have also attended the online education Building safety training. We also recommend that you have completed the BAS P and BAS U functional training. 

Building Work Environment Co-ordinator, BAS-P, continuation

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