Better Working Environment (BAM)

Utbildningslängd: 3 dagar
Medlemspris: 9000 kr
Ordinarie pris: 9000 kr


The aim of this training is to provide good knowledge of the work environment aspects to management, supervisory staff and safety representatives. You who belong to one of these categories need special knowledge as employer representatives in the area of work environment. 

This training gives you knowledge of the most important work environment aspects in the construction and civil engineering industry and is an important basis for you to be able to fulfill your role as manager, construction work environment coordinator (BAS P / U) and safety representative.

This training is part of the work environment agreement with Byggnads and Seko and is given as a joint training for these parties.

Utbildningens mål

  • Good knowledge allowing you to carry out active work environment work in your role
  • Basic education within the relevant work environment regulations and requirements
  • Fulfilled the prerequisites for BAS P / U training
  • Your participation on this training course registered in the ID06 competence database


For supervisory staff at all levels who work with health and safety issues in the construction industry.This training is particularly important for those who are going to undergo a BAS P / U function training, as this training is a prerequisite. The training is also aimed at you as a safety representative who is connected to Byggnads and Seko.

Utbildningens innehåll

  • The Work Environment Act and the Work Environment Regulation
  • Work Environment agreemens and contracts
  • Systematic work environment work
  • Work environment economy
  • The regulation on construction and civil engineering work
  • Work environment plan
  • Rehabilitation and insurance
  • Organizational and social work environment
  • Job satisfaction
  • Load ergonomics and prevention
  • Chemical work environment risks
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Vibrations
  • The role of the safety officer
  • Delegated work environment responsibility

Better Working Environment (BAM)

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